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There's no better time for your air conditiong to work then when you need to demist your window screen on those early morning journeys. We recomend that the air conditiong is serviced every 2 years and remember this service is not included in your normal service.



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Fault Finding Mechanical & Electrical
Air Conditioning

 With the help of our Autologic diagnostic system we can determine the fault & rectify it. If your system has a leak our technicans will vaccum any existing air conditiong gas known as R134A out of the system and fill with nitrogen to then locate the leak within the system. This method is the most effective way to find the leak.

The recommened service interval for your air conditioning is 2 years. This is due to the fact the air conditioning system can permeate 10% of its gas. Constant use of your air conditiong system can help circulate the liquid & gas to keep your system running smoothly, having the air conditiong turned off for extended periods of times can sometimes cause bacteria and bad smells from your vents when the system becomes active. Dont worry if this happens we have a solution, using our antibacteria & clean solution.

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