At Autotecnic we only use the best products that have been tested & proved to make a difference to your vehicle engine economy, performance and life span.


Engines often coke up with carbon particularly when they are used on short journeys. This leads to carbon build up around the upper cylinder areas & intake manifold system which reduces the performance and economy. Using our GAT injector & intake decarbonising equipment we can remove coking and unburned carbon residue within the engine, this also dissolves resins and gums deposits in the fuel injection system. This will improve engine performance and economy with a noticeable difference.


Introductory Price £100 All Models & Engine Sizes

DPF Clean ( Diesel Particulate Filter )

Diesel Particulate filters (DPF) catches soot in the exhaust. As with any filter they have to be emptied regularly to maintain performance. For a DPF this process is called 'regeneration' – the collected soot is burnt off at high temperature to leave only a tiny ash residue. This is part of the normal process, often when the car is used on short journeys this normal regeneration cycle cannot regenerate with the soot produced. This can cause a restriction in your particuale filter blocking the flow of exhaust gases which can result in poor engine performance and reduced fuel economy. Using our GAT purge equipment it will dissolves contamination within the particulate filter and restore the normal operation cycle of the filter. This provides a clear cost benefit compared to the installation of a replacement filter.


DPF Clean From £168 - Call Us Today For A Quote

Maintaining Your Engines Performance & Economy

We have a number of additive products suitable for both petrol & diesel engines which will assist in the smooth running and performance & economy of your engine. In particularly the diesel additive products will help to maintain the continued function of the regeneration cycle within the particulate filter. These products are available to purchase from the Autotecnic Office which are directly added to the fuel tank.


Diesel & Petrol Additives £12.99 Each ( 300ml )



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