Having the correctly trained staff and the most up to date diagnostic tools are essential to repair maintain modern cars. We have invested in the with Autologic Assist Plus diagnostic platform, that gives us access to all of the required communication protocols to diagnose faults down to sub systems, to understand if they need replacing or if software needs updating to fix the issue. Autologic technical support gives us direct access to dealer-trained Master Technicians supported by specialist software engineers.

 Autologic is capable of reading live data and can carry out a wide variteiy of test functions which allows us to diagnose the majority of faults as quickly as possible. VAG-COM/ VCDS is also used for  VAG cars.

Diagnostic Read Of Fault Memory

 This includes a full diagnostic read of your vehicles memory. Any faults stored we will investigate further on the Autologic Diagnostic tool to pin point the defective component or module. If the fault requires further investigation, such as removal & testing off the vehicle we would always inform the customer first, with an estimate of how much work is required. No further action will be taken without prior consent.

Control Unit Coding
As new replacement modules are fitted to your car they require coding so that the ECU can communicate with the module to share information. These control units need the correct  up to date software, we have the facilities to code all control units on any BMW, MINI, Mercedes-Benz, Audi & Volkswagen.


Manufacturers Software Updates

 With car manufactures continuously evolving and improving the vehicles, there is always be a constant flow of software updates. We can check the status via our diagnostic tool and should you require it we can upload latest version from the main stream European manufacturers.

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